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Monday Mission 051902

Monday Mission 2.20

  1. When was the last time you went out with a true love of yours? What did you two do that made it so special?
    Every day is special with Eric. He loves me so much, and shows it in so many ways. As for an event, a few weekends ago, E and I went out to dinner and to see Spiderman. Its the last real *date* we had, and we held hands and shared laughs and it was so grand smile
  2. Which far-away friend would you most like to see again?
    Hmmm.... I don’t have a lot of far away friends who I’ve seen to be able to see again, so rina-doll would be on the top of my list smile She came out last to be in my wedding.
  3. Any high or low points about this past weekend? What went on?
    I couldn’t walk or move for much of the weekend, and that wasn’t so great. I was pretty sad and worried about Sunday, and so that wasn’t great. BUUUUUT, I got WinXP and an 80GB hard drive smile So woo hooo for that!
  4. I’ve been thinking about getting a buzz-cut for the summer, a big change for me. Have you ever made any drastic changes to your appearance?
    I gained a whole lot of weight between September and March this last year. Most drastic change ever!
  5. How long do you think a couple should date before they get married? Or if you are married, do you think you should have waited longer to get hitched?
    No, I think the amount of time between dating and marriage was just perfect for us. We got together June 1, 1998 and got married August 13, 2000. We lived together for 10 months before the wedding.
    My parents knew each other for 9 months before they were married (no, not 9 months that way!). Too short. They shoulda known what they were doing before they got married.
  6. I just found out my long-time friend does not like Star Wars (!) and has only seen the original 1977 movie! Have you ever discovered anything new or shocking about a long-time friend you thought you knew everything about?
    I find out silly things about E that surprise me still - like the fact that he doesn’t like strawberry shortcake or hasn’t had a desire to watch the movie Overboard 799 times. smile
  7. Well we had a nice picnic and saw the sunset, but now it’s dark and I think we should liven things up. Let’s call some of your friends and go out. Who do you want to invite and where should we all go?
    Go out? what’s that? Its been so long! Let’s all go see a movie. And then afterwards, stop at Coldstone to giggle and eat icecream.
BONUS: Why can’t ya be good to me?
I’m always good, babbbby!

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