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participation positives 052002

This is how my head feels today. There’s these black negative thoughts on one side, that are fighting with the red positive thoughts on the other side. They both have valid points, and they both want to take up all my brain time. So in the attempt to help out the reds, its time for participation positive!!!
  • The sun is (kinda) out this morning.
  • I’m wearing a bright yellow shirt to keep the sun from going away.
  • I woke up and I could move my hands and feet! (circulation problems make that not always immediately possible!)
  • I’m listening to music that does my soul good.
  • i love and i am very loved
  • cherry coke is wonderful first thing in the morning.
  • I made the effort to wear makeup this morning
  • I brought stuff to put together packages for each of my sisters and some stuff for my mom.
  • My camera has food pictures on it just waiting for me to post them smile
  • I have plans to put all of last years statements away instead of on my desk first thing this morning... a whole project done!
  • I have such an amazing core group of friends here in my internet world. I feel blessed.
  • I have 2 contacts about graphics jobs to quote for this afternoon
  • No matter how stressed I am, I know my life is full and I wouldn’t really want it any other way.
  • The red dots win!!!!


yahooooooo! smile love you girl!

Yay! smile

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