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110 GB?!!

Yesterday, the FedEx lady came to the door, and I had to hurry to pull on clothes so I could go and get what she had. I was excited, because I knew that E had ordered an adapter that would let him plug his PS controller into the computer and play through with a program with the actual PS games. He was way excited when he found it.

So I set the box on the table to wait to show him that he got it - he had said last week that it was backordered, so I figured he’d be surprised that it got here already!

He opened up the box with a grin when he came home. It was a hard drive for me smile smile smile He had said we should get one so I install WinXP and not have to move all my stuff onto CDs for reformatting first. But I had no idea he ordered one! What a silly boy!

So dude, I already have a 30Gig drive on here - the computer is about 2 years old, and the drive is really close to full. But a lot of Photoshop files and MP3s will do that for you ;) He got me another 80Gig! I’m gonna be able to save anything and everything!!!

I think I’m gonna make my old drive be M: and make it be the MP3 drive smile ROCK on!!! smile So I get to have fun this weekend and get XP smile I’ll have to reinstall my programs onto the new drive, but that’s not nearly as bad as having to reformat!!! woo hoo!


your boy rocks. i’m coveting your hard drive. lol.

Holy cowwwww....can I tell you?? *whispers* I only have 1.2 gigabytes*
Yeah....wanna make something of it?? laughing

Oh, I want to play with your hard drive, lol. And here I sit, with a brand-new computer, already jealous. Mine’s only a 40Gig.

oooh I have so much fun when reloading! What a nice surprise! smile

110Gig!!! I’m having trouble filling up 23. smile

Still, that’s probably something to do with dialup.

ooh! Fun! Let me know how you like XP, I’m loving it.

Your going to love XP. I don’t know what I did without it. Its so smooth running and I haven’t had not one general fault protection error and haven’t seen that lovely blue screen in forever. I can run mega programs at once. Your going to be in heaven smile Enjoy!! Oh and networking is a breeze! Now load up that XP, get yourself that apache, php, perl & mysql .... oh no I see even more of a geekette on our hands ;) *L*

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