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style store

I’ve got style, yes I do.....



Love-productions.com invites you to visit the Style Store! Do you have <style>? Show it off!

I had this idea, and wanted one for myself, and Robyn jumped on it and thought it would be a great thing that others would want. So feel free to browse, and if you want to show off your style, now you know where to start!!! smile

I’ve got <style>, how 'bout you?


hehe. I love the mousepad!

I like, I like! I love your style!

yay!!!! i must go buy things! eeee! you rule

Oh that’s so neato!!! Love it!

What a cute idea!! haha smile

Ohhhh... I LOVE them!!! Hey...you have any way to pay for them without needing a credit card or checking account? *she inquires hopefully*

Tricia, Cafe Press' page says you can purchase with a money order. You can usually get these from a bank, even w/o an account. smile

LoL, never mind, I see the option for money order now *shaking my head - I think I need new glasses laughing*

Oh cute, Nice idea Kristine! Might have to get one of these for my 13 year old. She’d be in heaven!

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