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Some days, I feel guilty for having a good day.

Let me clairify. I know that on my MHD, I’m supposed to be resting. I know that this is supposed to make be able to make it through my real job healthwise and mentally rested.

Today, I got a lot done. I straighened up the office, and got a bunch of things crossed off my list. I worked on for-pay customizations. I’m in the process of cooking a big meal (Special K Casserole, Corn Casserole, and brownies (from a box!). I feel not nearly as sore as I did.

But I didn’t stress. I gave myself no deadlines for today, and tried really hard to give myself an environment to do just this. I spent time reading my blogs, and helping on the MT forums as much as I could.

This is not to say that I feel perfect today. Its more like I’m used to feeling 50%. And today, I’m closer to 65-70% normal. It feels good.

So shhhh.... don’t tell my dad. He would rather have me devote my energy towards work things.


Nope! Can’t always be about work Dad, sorry... =P
Sometimes a mental health day for me is best used clearing up little odds and ends that accumulate.

Glad you had a better day!

MHD? hugs!

Thanks guys smile

MHD=mental health day. I start taking wednesdays off because I was so stressed back in September. And now, even though I’m only working 16 hours a week, I’m still calling them my mental health days. I just can’t seem to make it working 5 consecutive days after being so sick. So MHD’s are a god-send smile

So glad that you had a good day!!

I’ve been wanting to tell you that I love Snap! Great great pictures. smile

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