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taped shows

I have such issues with watching things out of order. I test videos and spend a lot of time finding Episode Guides so I can avoid this very thing. So the episode of Roswell we watched last night was Crash (#316). The one E just put in has the Mayor on it, and must be Who Died and made you King? (#315) That’s backwards, but means we should have Four Aliens and a Baby (#317) on some tape around here.

I need to be more proactive and label videos. I’m lucky that I even have these with how out of it I have been - E’s been taping everything!

So that means I watched episode 63 (The Price) of Angel last night. And episode 64 (A New World) is on the tape with that Roswell we are missing somewhere.

Really, all of this is just nervous energy while waiting for Buffy :giggle: And there are no Buffy reruns on tonight because FX says "Hey, dude, we haven’t played True Lies for like 17 hours, we better play it again before The Shield."


I know what you mean. I hate watching something out of order! You so need a Tivo. wink

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