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game systems

News: Sony PS2 cuts put the heat on Microsoft

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will launch new campaigns in the game console wars next week, with the main weapons this time involving online gaming and price cuts.
Yay! They say the PS2 will go down to 199 (from 299) and the PS will go down to 49. That makes the PS2 much more affordable, even with the games E wants smile

I *know* that when we get the PS2, the first game we have to get is FFX, because that’s what E’s been waiting for. For me? I love the Spryo games, but there’s not anything new on the PS2. (there is a spryo, however, for the gameboy advance. which I’d like in indigo ;) )

Oh, my sorce for all of the best Spyro news is SpyroHints.com, and they have a page of games that they recommend for spyro-lovers! Dude, I must check some of these out!!!

Its hard to believe that I’ve only known gaming systems for a few years smile E has me well initiated by now, as every good geek would do for his geek-wife ;)


Dude, FFX is so rocking!!! I am a major PS2 fan. Need gaming help, ask me. I’ve got 'em all!!!

LOL—I had an e-mail from my "child" *g* about the PS2 pricecuts when I got up this morning. I think he made you plant this in the first blog I read today, too. wink

laughing at Robyn. I plan to send E a copy of this post because I *know* he’ll be excited to see it! I wonder if we could get a good deal if we buy 2 together for our children. LOL!

I think I would be a danger to myself if I had PS2 lmao!! I don’t play very often, but when I do, I play HARD....TombRaider (FOUR more Tomb Raider games coming WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTT!!), Fear Effect, Parasite Eve, those are my FAVORITES, but I like a lot of Gregory’s games too, like Spyro and Croc and Crash Bandicoot... smile

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