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Can someone please tell me WHY people bother signing up for webrings that 1)don’t fit their site or 2)when their site URL doesn’t even work? I’ve gotten two of these in the last few hours. Thanks for wasting my time, boogers!!!


I ask that question too far too much for my own good!! That’s why I put a mail form in place of the signup form in one of my rings and I do a lot of quiet deletions with no emails sent.

But I’m also far too ring obsessed for my own good. I’m sick enough to set up independent ring systems so I don’t have to use Ringsurf. ;)

Oh my! I hear you so clearly it’s as though you’re inside my headsmile

What really tickles me (heavy sarcasm) is when they then become angry when you tell them about it or insist that you’re wrong! Like Kathryn, it’s why I set Foxxy up the way I did and stopped replying to people I didn’t accept. I felt a bit rude at first but I guarantee it made dealing with me far more pleasant in the long run.

{{{ Kristine }}}

Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one with this pet peeve—I have to delete SO many applications each month!

I don’t use ringsurf for my rings but can you delete them without responding or sending an email? You can just use that, or look into setting up an independent ring system of your own because you can do that on the one I use.

I feel the exact same way. I stopped replying to those I don’t accept either because I was getting too many nasty replies back.

I also have to delete sites constantly from the queue that have nothing to do with my ring topics. It’s like they just go around and sign up to all rings they can.

I also don’t send the code or graphic until acceptance so that I don’t have to ask them to remove them when they aren’t accepted.

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