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all about entertainment

There are so many good news things on the entertainment front this morning!

Another record weekend for Spider-man! - they say this weekend not only make for more of a record for s-m’s already huge sucess, it may be the 4th largest weekend of all time itself!

With $72 million worth of "Spider-Man" tickets sold over the past few days, it was the fourth-highest weekend gross of all time, behind its own record debut of $114.8 million as well as the $90.3 million opening of "Harry Potter" and the $72.1 million premiere of "The Lost World: Jurassic Park."
(people.com on AOL)
Get Ready for Hollywood’s Summer - Spider-man is the cover story at Time this week.

WB stirs up their schedule for next year - I’m not sure if moving Angel to a Sunday night at 9 is a great idea, but the biggest show in that slot right now is XFiles and its leaving, so maybe Angel will have a new following because of that.

XXX 2 in the talks - Oh, another summer movie I’m looking forward to, Vin Diesel’s XXX. It looks fabulous!

Roswell Series Finale - entited graduation (as long as the school doesn’t blow up... ;) to buffy people) is this week. I do believe that I have the last two episodes on tape, and need to watch them before I see this weeks smile I really love this show, and will miss it. I also have another episode of Angel and the epidose of Outer Limits with Joshua Jackson (first OL I ever saw, and when I saw it was on again, I had to tape it!)

And finally, check out the summer movie preview at Time. 8 big summer flicks, all that look terrific! smile Yay for the summer!


Well, Angel has officially lost me as a viewer - there’s no way I’ll not watch Alias. Are the folks at ABC moving Alias from Sundays at 9? If not, then I’ll no longer be watching Angel. I like Alias a lot more.

There is no way that I won’t not watch Alias I fell in love with that show and got my Fiense` loving it too...XXX I will be the 1st in line to see that I loved Vin Diesel in fast and furious I love him in this new one..

Oh wow. Is it almost summer already? Wow.

The time really flies!

Looks I’ll only be watching 2 shows on the WB next fall as opposed to the 4 I watch now. And where in the world did Glory Days disappear to? I hate when they remove a show and don’t even tell you what happened to it.

OMG... i thought the same thing about Glory Days... it just went poof. Not much left on the wb... it’s all very sad. looks like my tivo will be most unhappy next season.

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