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saturday mornings

I’ve been up for almost 4 hours. But haven’t done anything super productive but take a nap for an hour in the middle of that. LOL - I suppose that makes me not have been up for 4 hours! I’ve got a migraine brewing in my head, and my throat is really scratchy (scratchier than usual, I’ve had a sore throat since September!).

I was laying on the couch trying to fall asleep, when I remembered my theories about introverts and extroverts. I read somewhere that while extroverts get their energy from being around people, introverts must have alone time to get their energy. With all of the sicknesses living in my body, I think I’m getting more and more introverted. Just the act of socializing is wearing me out more and more - I go to work, and the laughing and smiling (which makes my face hurt after a while) with my secretary is getting to be more and more work. E’s family calls, and I have to keep the conversation going, and I get all stressed and feel just worn out by the end.

I did do some painting this morning, though, and that was nice. I want to make my mom something nice and frame it. I started on a rose, but I wasn’t getting the petals as nice as I wanted to, and so I started playing with a lady bug which is turning out way cute. I think I might try printing it and get a metal black little frame for it - and mom can put it on her wall if she likes smile I don’t think I’m that great at painting, but I smear and pull and burn and dodge, and chalk and airbrush, and then something pretty comes out! So that was fun smile

I went through my mailbox and added all of the people who had asked to be on the love-productions updates list over the last month since I sent out an update. Its been almost a month since I put up a grahics set, but I’ve just been so busy with custom work another projects that I haven’t gotten time to even cut up the sets on my desktop. Which isn’t bad, I have a lot to choose from. And several of the sets on my desktop are higher quality than my other linkware sets, and so I think I’m gonna start a new shareware section to put them in. So its more work than normal, and so they’ve been set aside. I have one more customization to work on this morning, and then I think I’m cleaned up on the requests that are in my box for a few moments smile I really love working on this stuff smile

I have a set of pictures that need to be added to Snap! this morning. Its so nice to have a camera. Can you believe, though - Mt. Hood has been covered with clouds every morning on my way to work since I’ve had my camera? I keep carrying it with me, but its hiding from me :giggle: We have a terrific view on the way to work, and I want to capture that. There use to actually be a sign on the side of the road that said "Mt. Hood in the distance" but people kept stealing it. It is a perfect spot to view it from, though smile

My plans for the day are just not quite formulated yet. I should go out to eat with E. But I have to be feeling better first. And since I know we’ll be going to my family’s house tomorrow, I might need to save my strength for that. We’ll see, maybe we’ll just get a pizza smile


hope you’re enjoying your saturday kristine!

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