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After I woke up from my nap yesterday, I felt icky for the rest of the evening (I didn’t even make it through both Buffy’s last night!). Decided on no dinner for the swirlie-tummy-girl. I’m starting to wonder if my light sensativity is getting worse and that its just SO bright at lunch time even with my glasses that the ride home is too much for me. E said to put my blanket over my head, but I’m kinda thinking whoever is driving me will be offended by that. :sigh:

We bought flowers online for E’s mom, and I talked to dad about a mother’s day meal for over the weekend. I think we’ll stop and pick my mom up some flowers on the way to whatever we do this weekend. Megan won’t be around this weekend, so that makes me in charge. LOL!

I’ve been sitting here paying bills for the last little while, a much needed task. I have just about everything important set up on auto-pay now, because my memory is just having problems, and I don’t need a stack of bills sitting there waiting for me to do them smile

I’m tired. I look forward to my afternoon nap already. Maybe I’ll turn the phone off this time smile


Just wanted to let you know that I have a lot of troubles with light sensitivity, too. I have the darkest sunglasses I can find, and you’ll rarely see a photo of me outdoors without them on. And if I’m not wearing them, you can be assured I took them off at the very last second and was practically crying by the time the photo was snapped and I had to put them back on again. I even wear sunglasses at dusk. And I purposely bought a house that faced north/south to eliminate even more direct light.

I hope you have a great, relaxing weekend ahead! Take care of YOU!

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