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old lady day

I’ve got a purple afgan around me. And I walk slowly. So does this make me an old lady? :giggle:

Even though the sun is out a bit, its COLD! My weatherbug says its only 43.

I almost didn’t come to work. I don’t have the right mindset to work because my head is so fuzzy feeling and my body aches. But I’m here. And I’m gonna try my hardest to feel better while I’m here.

What am I working on? I’m so close to being done with last years bank recs now, and so I’m hoping to get as much done as possible on this before Annette gets here because they have to be done in single user smile I’m gonna be so excited when I can archive the 24 statements from last year (checking and payroll for 12 months)!!! Its been a permanent pile since January when I started on everything after March!!

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