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I might be getting Windows XP! smile
But that means a reformat first. Which I dread, but XP looks *sooooo* nice to me. So that means its time to sort my files again. I hate prepping for a reformat. I need to get a second hard drive to store data on that’s separate from programs... that would be really helpful smile


I wanted to reformat the other day but I was way to scared to re-install everything I have :0(

I’m using XP for some months now and I’m totally in love with them smile I know it’s a lot of work but they sure deserve it.

reformatting and starting from scratch is very liberating (and good for your pc! smile) true it’s a bit scarey but all you can do is save whatever you need and go for it - the chance of losing something you just didn’t think of really gets the adrenalin going..........

having a secong drive for data is VERY handy and worth the relatively small amount of money they cost

I’ve been on XP since the new computer and it does some things differently that I’m used to, so I don’t know if I like it yet or not. It does look kind of cool, though.

I love XP! It came with the new laptop and it’s much more stable so far. Oh and it’s pretty.

I love reformatting, a clean, clear, organized hard drive is so liberating. The CDR and zip drives really do help, although those handy dandy removable hard drives are pretty tempting.

XP RULES! I completely love it. So much. It is so much more stable and it looks lovely. The only thing that bothered me about it at first was that it automatically groups like windows together in one button on the toolbar, but I turned that option off. It’s much too difficult to eBay that way! ;)

Been on XP since December and it has not crashed ONCE! A miracle.

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