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dr appt and stuff

I just got a call back from my doctors office saying that there had been a huge understanding at the referral doctors' office, and so they just ignored everything that either I or the nurse had told them. My goodness. SOOOooo, I’m scheduled for an appointment with the rhumatologist. But not until June 13 at 8:30. Dear Lord, I’ve been trying to get into this appointment since the 2nd week of April, and now I have to wait till June 13?

I’m getting worse. I am trying so hard to not take very many drugs (pain pills, sleeping aids, over-the-counter bloatty pills) so that I will have real information to give to the rhumatologist. But I’m in so much pain that I’m not sure I can wait that long :sigh: I’m truthfully not sure I can make it working that long. I have a feeling that part of the reason my head hurt so bad yesterday was because I was stressing about work schedules. Annette is going on vacation for a 4-day period (may 30, 31, june 3, and 4), and I’m probably gonna have to work full time then. Not to mention that my sister had kinda invited me to go to WW when she goes back after CAA’s grad for the 3rd and 4th. I can’t do that for sure now. How the fuck am I gonna handle full time days by myself for that period? And then after that, 2 weeks later I go to CA for Craig (brother-in-law)’s graduation, and then a week after that, Annette’s kids get out of school, and it looks like she’s only gonna work part time. I’m not sure I can physically handle taking on the hours that I need to. I almost can’t handle that jobs I am doing, moreless taking on hers. So just thinking about June makes me very anxious! Breathe, Kristine. Don’t stress about it this morning.

ANYHOW, today is my mental health day. I’m at home, to rest, to hopefully take a bath with my new mineral salt soak, to work on graphic projects. I’ll have groceries delivered sometime between 1 and 3. The sun is shining, and so maybe I’ll at least go out on my porch and take some pictures, if I can’t make it for a walk to the beautiful pink bushes to take pictures of them. I’m hoping to take a nap somewhere in here, too.

I think I’m gonna try eating some breakfast now. I only had a small bowl of cereal and about 15 crackers in the last 24 hours, and so I’m hungry, but still feel kinda sick. So I’ll take it slow smile

If you made it through this post, you should be commended, because what a whiney obnoxious one it was!!!

**gnc’s design and tutorial** graphics cut and tabled, css half done - tutorial for set up still to do
melissa’s graphics - got confirmation on what I’m doing, just cut up.
pay bills
buy plane tickets - found and reserved; buy when E gets home and checks them.
put away groceries
figure out dinner?
take a bath
take a nap
get fresh air
take vitamins
finish replying to emails
tutorial for MT-fun languages on scriptygoddess
post guest recipes
stomp Megan’s CD
straighten up office
Jenni’s design
Add Dana of Muddlepie to theredkitchen
finish style store and link from hr
long term: photoblog designs and tutorial
: bs project


Hi- Sorry to hear about your health problems. Did you know there is an 'e' in rheumatologist? Love you site. I’m new to this blog this and I can see there are lots of very noce folks out there.

your entry was not whiney at all.
it sucks to be in pain and feel like you do at such a young age (at any age, really).
enjoy your mental health day.
i also hope that the pain and stress you are experiencing subside, even if it is just a little bit.

I hope you get to feeling better. It is a bummer to not feel up to doing things. I’ll send fun thoughts your way and hope it helps. You certainly brighten my day by just reading your site.

Sweetie, when you live with chronic pain and fatigue on a regular basis, you are entitled to whine! ;)

Sorry you have to wait until June 13th to see the rheumatologist. I know up here in Canuckland it’s typical to wait a months to see a specialist. I am feeling *very* hopeful about your appointment, as rheumatologists are docs who specialize not only in musculoskeletal diseases such as arthritis (I saw one regularly as a child for juvenile arthritis) but also in fibromyalgia and CFS. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a rheumatologist myself. So yes, feeling very hopeful here! The next few weeks are gonna fly by. Hang in there you!

Just wanted to hug ya (((((Kristine))))) smile

I can’t believe they are making you wait that long. And I’m so sorry you’re having to sit there and suffer in the meantime... Just please do not take on more than your body says you can handle. You will pay for it in years, not days. Believe me...I’m on the other end wishing I’d listened to myself way back when. Thinking of you!

It totally sucks to wait that long to see a specialist, but it is an unfortunate truth for most of the specialists I’ve seen. *sigh* I had to wait two months to get my wisdom teeth taken out by the oral surgeon, even though I"m in pain daily.

Has yoga helped with your pain/fatigue/stress level? I think it would help, if only to get the blood circulating a bit more through your body which can help with pain.

(((hugs))) sweetie!

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