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ship complete

GRRRRRRR... I don’t know how on earth some businesses are still running....

Every time I send a purchase order to a certain vendor, I have to write "ship complete, call before with backorders, COD , special pricing" because if I don’t, they don’t remember. Fine, I’ll fucking write the same thing every time. But half the time they fuck that up anyhow.

What part of ***ship complete*** (yes, the astricks were on the PO) don’t you understand?!!!!

Frickin A, now I’m gonna have Leonard totally pissed because I have half of the pieces coming for horse halters. We have to pay for the pieces we are getting, but they don’t do us any good until we have them all.

It wouldn’t be so bad if this wasn’t the first of a set of blanket orders that we faxed to them on the 23rd, so they’ve had plenty of time to make us aware of the situation.

(yes, this on top of the other issues that I was annoyed about and rereading AND the migraine and the fact that my jaw muscles are pulsating doesn’t help with my anger issues!!!)


Sucks that you’re having such a bad day! I hope you feel better and the day improves. ~fishy hugs~

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