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photoshop problem

Computer Gurus help!

I went to get into Photoshop this morning to resize an image, and it got stuck on its way up. It brought up the border of the program, and then vanished w/o a trace. How odd, I though, and tried again. Same thing.

So I came home, restarted my computer; this didn’t help, so I uninstalled and installed it again into a new directory in case there was something wrong w/a plugin or something. Nope, still nothing. I can get into Image Ready, but not PS.

My upgrade is coming tomorrow, but I’m sure its gonna need a working copy of PS for it to work...

So I just resized the pictures in IR! Not as handy, but it works in a pinch!


That sounds like the same problem I’ve been having with PSP - and still haven’t solved! Wish I could help! sad

Very odd, wish I could help. I use PSP and never have probs with it.

Maybe you have a virus or just need to format and reload?

Almost the same exact thing happened to me yesterday, only it was when I tried to resize a picture and I got a kernel error. I reinstalled it and it did the same thing. I rebooted and it’s been working fine ever since, weirdness.

ew kernel error bad

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