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lazy mhd

Well my goodness. I haven’t gotten anything done today. I woke up for a few hours, ate breakfast, did a short surf through some blogs and then went back to sleep for 2 1/2 hours. I still feel pretty icky, so I haven’t had lunch or even thought about what I might make for dinner. And then I started going through my email and realize how very behind I am. Ack! Even my hotmail account was so fully that they sent me a message that it was over storage limits. I am such a slacker!!

BUT, I needed the nap, and i might need another. Its okay to take a nap, everything else can wait until I feel bettter. E said that the only thing I should clean today is my desktop :giggle:

edited at 3:40: I feel so utterly worthless. I hate being so unable to do anything. I went down the stairs and started to clean the fridge because some spaghetti sauce got tipped over, and now I feel awful again. :sigh: this bites!!


*(*(*(*hugs*)*)*)* You are SO not worthless!!! How in the world else could I find an excuse to waste so much time so enjoyably? laughing

(NOT saying your site is wasting my time, lol - I re-read that and it sounded weird sorry tounge out)

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