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sunday busy sunday

Yay, we made it outta the house! Its a real accomplishment some days; my standing abilities are just not good enough to make it too far, and with this dizzyness... let’s say that poor E is holding me up a lot more lately!

But, we left the house, and I let E pick where we were going to eat. He’d been trying to get me to go to the Thai Orchid for a long time, and I finally gave in. I am just not as multicultural of an eater, I guess, to be super exited about a new ethnicity of food to try out. BUT, it wasn’t so bad. I had something that was similar to a chinese sweet and sour chicken but with cucumbers and a bit different type of sauce. The chicken wasn’t deep fried, either. But it was okay smile

And then we headed over to Best Buy to browse. I kept trying to get E to buy things :giggle: We looked again at everything that I’m getting for my bday - camera and printer and compact flash card. I am pretty sure I made up my mind about which ones.

Amazon has a better deal going on right now than Best buy, and like I said, they told me I had a 10% off for my birthday. So I get all the stuff "loaded" in my shopping basket, and it tells me the gift # had already been used. What? Nope, haven’t purchased anything in the last 30 days. So now I have to wait for them to get back to me before I can do it. Cuz I’m for sure not gonna just pay the 10% when I’m gonna buy that much stuff!!

So now, I’d really like a game to play. Hmmm... I’m still not feeling much in the mood to play the ones I have. Maybe some Spyro smile


Spyro! I was assaulting that game again last night. smile

One thing you might try—salt tablets. You can buy them at the health food store. It really might help with the dizzyness. One of the first things Johns Hopkins recommends. I think they had me taking 3/day at the start and then 3 with every meal eventually once we saw I tolerated them. I don’t take them any longer b/c my medication works better, but it might give you some temporary relief for now...

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