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tv tonight

If you are bored tonight, check out Food Network: Couch Potato TV Schedule - Emeril is on right now!
And then later on, Trading Spaces has its first celebrity episode! All fun stuff smile


So i’m not the only one glued to the potatoes...oddly enough i know adore the "a cooks tour" guy. he amused me and hes cute hehe

Ooooh, Iron Chef was supposed to do a potato battle right now and we missed it. One of the few episodes we’d actually eat the key ingredient. *g*

Robyn, and it was such a good episode! Kenichi batted a woman chef! Only the second one on the show (and he battled the first one, as well). It was pretty fun...she was all, "Oh, it’s such an honor to be here, it doesn’t matter who I battle. They’re all Iron Chefs." So he was chosen for her. *g*

Personally, I’m a Good Eats and Naked Chef fan. Now I know how to make potato salad and fish and chips. Thanks, Alton! LOL

Our cable company upgraded and added several new channels to our line up a few months ago, Food Network included. I’ve just NOW gotten around to actually sitting down to watch shows on it. This weekend was a wonderful kick start. We watched both episodes of Iron Chef (Sat. and Sun. episodes), Good Eats, Emeril. I also watched Food 911 and drooled over the meatloaf and mac 'n cheese recipes so much that Jim downloaded them for me the next day. I have a feeling that Food Network and I are going to become fastest friends.

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