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saturday sleepy saturday

Its been a dizzy day. I’ve had a hard time being really dizzy, and even the change in brightness between my monitor and the sunshine outside was too much and I had to shut the blinds almost all the way.

So what have I done today? I have done some question answering at the MT forums and wrote a bit over at scriptygoddess. Then I ate breakfast and laid down for a nap for a few hours.

I made it through some of my older email - I still have 16 unread emails in my main box that need replying to, and I want to give them a bit more attention than just a bit comment. So they sit there for a little longer.

I collected a lot of my thoughts for the article I’m working on about css. I know what I want to write, but its just not coming out of my fingers into my edit pad document. Its okay, I have enough thoughts together for a short article, and hopefully I’ll be inspired to pull it all together tomorrow smile Sometimes, I just have a hard time knowing what my audience expects. Not that I write a lot, but when I do.... Actually, when I do, I enjoy it :giggle:

I spent a bit of time working on several :sets:, but they aren’t near done, so I just played with the psd files and I’ll work on cutting them up later.

E’s playing Civ III. I thought about playing a game. I wonder which one I should play, though. NOthing sounds particularly thrilling to me.

I hope I’m feeling well enough tomorrow to go to best buy and look at cameras. We went to compusa, and I wasn’t really feeling well enough to play enough. But my bday is this week, and I’m hoping to buy one around that time. Speaking of which, I got an email from Amazon saying that I get 10% off purchase around my birthday (until 4-30), and I’m debating what I want to get. I have some great things on my wishlist that if I don’t get for my bday, I might just pick up on my own. With the coupon they are offering for the Photoshop 7.0 Upgrade and my 10% off, it makes it a good deal. No, this isn’t a plea for gifts, just some stuff I was thinking about smile

So for the most part, today has been a good day smile Yay for the weekend!!


I’ve been playing Zeus and Posideon by Impressions Games today, but my POS computer keeps shutting down. I am targeting summer for a new one.

smile smile hi. smile smile

I am becoming so totally in love with scripty goddess. It rocks. smile

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