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movie locations

My paper this morning had a special section about "Discover the Northwest." Inside, it mentioned a site that talked about cool things here... one of the mentioned sites was Pacific Northwest Movies. How neato! It has a way that you can look up which movies have been filmed in your county, and then look up all the movies in the state... I’m sure it doesn’t surprise anyone that I was excited to see the pictures from 10 things I hate about you, since I love that movie.

I already know that Mr. Hollands Opus had been filmed in a Portland school where I had sung my senior year. And of course, Astoria (which we went to on our honeymoon) has been used for multiple prominent movies.

Anyhow, fun site! Its got Northwest, and some Southwest movies, and looks to be expanding.


i didn’t know that about mr. holland’s opus—how cool! that’s one of my all time favorite movies! smile

(i think that when i get back to school, i’ll have to watch it! i haven’t seen it in ages!)

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