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Buffy skin :)

Pick a Skin, any skin!

I’m feeling really tricky. I mean, not only do I get to look at Buffy pictures in my new skin, but I get to have a random picture in each sidebar! I am really proud of myself for writing some php from scratch w/o any help to make this work smile

So feel free to check it out. Its mainly for me to oogle and giggle at (and Rina will be doing the same, I’m sure!), but if you like it, you can use it too smile

I also tweaked with some stuff at lunch - the time in the footer of each post will popup a screen to send the link of the post to a friend. I think its a useful tool smile



Oooooooooooo, I love the Buffy skin : )

oh, kristine-y!! i love the buffy skin!! i’m oogling all over the place ::drool:: i want you to make something like this for me, too!! pleeeeease??

Well, *ahem*, you have to know which one I’m using now. Right? Oh Kristine. It’s absolutely FABOO! Spike and Anya are up now. I’ll keep my eyes focused on the right hand side if you don’t mind. Yummy goodness ... *hehehe*

This skin is simply awesome! Share the script hahahaah, seriously, this skin really shows off your amazing talent.

oooh! i’m loving the Buffy skin! i got Spike and Cordy as i’m typing this comment. i can’t wait until Buffy starts up again on the 30th. that way we can start posting like crazy to the BiteMe!blog. - Kathy

oooh! i got Willow and Tara now! smile (can’t you tell i’m giddy?)

I got buffy and anya

*franticly reloading for spike*


There are 2 spike ones, can you find them? :giggle: And a buffy/spike one ala Once More with Feeling.
I love him, so I actually have a few more I might turn tin to sidebar images ;)
I’m so excited you guys like this!!! smile

oh, i cycled over and over, and i finally got spike.


kristine-y, you know how much i love james marsters. i need a blog skin with only james! oh, wouldn’t that be hot?

I *heart* this skin!! I’ve got a great SMG image that I’m planning for my next re-design as soon as school is over!!!

I’m drooling here. BtVS is my favorite tv show and you’ve made my day with this skin! It’s HEAVENLY. =)

This skin is my favorite smile

You rock!

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