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Christine posted about Metapad on her blog last night, a replacement program for the default windows notepad.

Although I like the purple icon better :giggle: I thought I’d share the one I use smile

Edit Pad Lite is also free, and my favorite thing about it is is that I can have multiple files open in it! And when I minimize it, it goes to my systray, which is nice for keeping my taskbar uncluttery. I use it for most of my html writing, because I like it so much and it opens faster than anything (over dreamweaver, which I have to think about before opening!!)

SO there ya go, between the two K/Christines, you have two new notepady options ;)


download the program, steal the icon, then uninstall. heehee! smile purple icons are pretty!

I use EditPlus 2. It’s like the ones you mentioned, but you can use it for programming in HTML, C/C++, Perl, Java, PHP, JavaScript, JSP, VBScript and CSS, among others I think.

I use CuteHTML, also a pretty good one smile

ROFL! Power team, unite! I also really like UltraEdit and have used it for years, but this latest find just caught my eye. I have to admit, I still use Notepad most of the time to write my HTML. I’m silly like that!

I adore Editpad Lite - it’s my favourite smile

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