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carpet cry

I’m sitting here almost in tears.

Note. When the office says 30 minutes, they mean at least an hour. The carpet guy just showed up now, and I called at 2:15.

I’m so fucking tired. I went in to lay down for a nap (which I need just about every afternoon to make it through the week right now). .... and stepped on the floor in my room. Sop, squish, sop. Its even wetter. So frickin A.... I called the stupid apartment managers AGAIN, and asked what was happening with it. I had given them permission on THURSDAY to come and check on it because it was still leaking (initial problem started about a month ago), and apparently dispite the fact that they made me fax them a permission to enter form from work, nobody came. E called 3 times on Sunday, and they said someone was coming on Monday. I waited on Thursday, and nobody showed, so I took a nap in my clothes, half expecting someone to show up in my bedroom because I gave them permission to enter! Friday and Monday, nobody showed (or no signs of it were anywhere). So I told the lady in the office, "its the same problem, why do they need to come look at it. I was about to take a nap." She said, just wait a few minutes and I’ll send Terry." Fine. So I hobbled downstairs; the stairs are the worse for when you are dizzy, and let him in. He knew the floor was wet, it had been fucking raining, duh! He didn’t even have to go and feel it to know that, and radioed the office to tell them that. They said they would have someone come to extract the water because it was so wet, and scheduled it for this afternoon.

SO, no nap for me. FUCK. I have to wait up for them to come and extract the water for a half hour+ and then wait for them to do it. GRRRR....


I hope you’re not paying full rent while this is going on. It must violate your lease that they’re being so horrible about fixing the problem.

I’m sorry you’re going through all of this...it really does suck! Hopefully they will finalkly fix the problem once and for all!


Ohhhh MAN, that seriously sucks. I agree with Dara about the rent thing, I would SO not be paying until it was fixed. Although I know that sometimes it’s not quite that easy. My SIL has to deal with pigeons who live in her air conditioning vent and ummm....poop in there, so she can’t use her air conditioner lest the smell and the particles enter her house, and this has been going on for YEARS, and there was a court order for the management to clear it out, and guess what...yep. it’s still there. *(*(*hugz*)*)* and I hope you have better luck!

I’m so sorry! And I completely agree—I’d see what your rights are concerning rent. That much water can equal mold very quickly, and I don’t want to see you getting any sicker...

I had mold in my carpet from an overflowed washing machine and I was sick for 3 months. I didn’t know I had mold until I had the carpet replaced with ceramic tile and then saw all the mold. You need to have the carpet replaced ASAP...they can never extract enough water if it has repeatedly flooded. Or you should move! Good luck.

Washington State has really strict (and beneficial to the tenant) landlord-tenant laws. Legally, you should have gotten a copy when you moved in. Check em out and see what you’re rights are!

I can’t find the site now, but there was a site created by a guy who was HORRIBLY sick after his apartment flooded repeatedly & they landlord did not repair it. It still freaks me out to think just how sick he got - so make sure they get that replaced. Not just the carpet - the padding HAS to go too. Mold is a bad, bad thing. Who knows, maybe it’s part of why you haven’t been feeling well lately?

What they told me was they are going to have the carpet on that side of the room cleaned again once the hole in the outside wall is patched (which I haven’t heard WHEN will be happening yet).

This worries me because I *know* that when I walk in my room after not being in there for a few hours, I can smell a noticable difference and actually sneeze at it. So I’m sure that I’m at least partially allergic, and after reading things like the EPA’s mold info, it makes me sure that I would want the carpet replaced. But I don’t want to have to pay for it. sad

:sigh: What a fiasco!!!

Oh, and thanks for the reminder about the landlord-tenant laws guys, I’ll definitely be looking for this; I’m sure its in my file cabinent! I know that there are really strict rules about when we must give notice for leaving, and I think that there’s probably more to it than that!!!

You may want to have a look at some of the pages on the Ontario Tenant - Social Justice for Renters site.

In particular you may be interested in their Toxic Mold page.

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