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lunch and groceries

I just had an absolutely delicious lunch - I had breadmaker bread sitting there begging to be made into french toast, so I made myself some french toast with blackberry syrup. YUM! And then I topped it off with a fresh apple in nice perfect slices.

As I was finishing, E showed up for his lunch - which he does periodically, but is always a happy surprise when we are here at the same time. So we got to chat and stuff while he ate.

With perfect timing, my groceries showed up. Dude, Safeway has buy one get one free cereal right now, so I have like twice as much cereal as I can eat. LOL!!!

Now its about time for my afternoon nap smile


Ooooohh...me jealous...I can’t make bread until the new kneading paddle thing for my bread machine arrives...the original one got lost somehow, and I had to order a new one (actually I ordered two, just to have a spare!).

Once you get into the homemade bread, it is very hard to go back to storebought!

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