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Lisa choir trip

My sister Lisa is on choir trip with school right now, and Leonard just came in and told me that there was something weird going on last night, and they called mom after 11PM to try and get her to go and get her. After mom got started on her way (they were in Brookings, CA), they talked to mom again and told her it was okay and not to come and get her after all.

We really don’t know what happened, and so I’m worried. If Lisa did try to do something bad to herself that caused them to call mom, that’s a bad thing. And if someone told someone incorrectly that Lisa had tried to do something, then its definitely not a good thing for Lisa to be there with these people right now. So my prayers are going up, and I’m wishing Lisa was coming home today instead of wednesday so we could figure out what went on.


Oh, that’s scary...is there no way to call Lisa or the people she’s with and find out before she comes home? Let us know what happened when you find out....

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