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family tree

I have always been interested in my family tree. Definitely moreso than my siblings. I’ve drawn trees and charts and all sorts of stuff. When my grandma had asked my mom if there was anything special that she should set aside for me in the future, I had asked if I could have her family tree info she had always talked about. She said that I should have to do the work to make it meaningful for myself.

After she died, my aunt made copies of all of her data for each of the kids and several of the grandkids. So I have all of the info - I would have never been able to travel all over England like she did collecting the info, and probably many of the people she contacted are no longer living. Silly!

Anyhow, what prompted this post? The lockergnome for today spotlighted a family tree program, and I was thinking I’d like to make an electronic format of all of my grandma’s info smile I’ll definiately be checking into this in my spare time!! GreatFamily

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