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nighttime noises

When I first wake up in the middle of the night, usually there’s something that I hear that pulls me out of my dream (I was failing college again in my dream - its actually a continuous dream, because I remember pieces of other dreams in it)

Tonight’s sound was a drip-drip-drip of the water drops falling off of the porch below my bedroom. It was loud, and I’m sure hoping that I identified the source correctly and it wasn’t really dripping down the wall LOL!

I hear a train - but now its gone. It must have been a late night amtrak because they make a bit of noise and then go so fast, acrossed the rails to their destination.

My jaw periodically cracks with a yawn. Terrible awful noise. I’m pretty sure that my TMJ that bothered me so much as a freshman in college is back. I actually searched for "jaw cracking when yawn" and found a Willow/Oz story! Hmmm, not so useful, but fun!

The cable modem just made a noise like it was restarting. Ugh, bad noise! But now its back.

When I was laying in bed, I heard a faint de-doo - I had left OE up and I got mail.

These are the noises that I can hear. tired tired noises; but enough noises that I’m awake now; can I fall back asleep?

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