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I’ve been doing a bit of housekeeping. No, not the real house kind, but on my computer. I’ve been cleaning up my desktop and mailbox, and doing a really good job of it.

I took a long nap, which I really needed. It was full of some crazy dream which included a new war where people were dying and really scary; I can’t seem to get away from the vivid dreams! I finished reading a book that I’d had in the bathroom for interesting reading while in there :giggle:

I’ve got bread in the breadmaker, and I’m hoping to get enough energy up to make mac and cheese from scratch for dinner. Its just so yummy smile

I’m writing my sister back, and then have about 3000 more things that I’d like to do. I wish I had neverending energy so I could at least get started on some of them!!!

I did start a load of laundry and sorted the receipts on the floor in here. SO that’s somthing, right? I wish I could explain to people how hard it is to get stuff done. I just sat on the floor crosslegged for 10 minutes and now I’m sweating just from being in that position. I have to do these projects in such little steps that they pile up. Its so frustrating to me. But that’s why its good I’m at home today, I can at least get a few little things done, and its more than not doing anything!!!

Back to the sorting my desktop smile

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