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brilliant thoughts

When I have a hard time falling asleep, I have such brilliant thoughts of things I want to do. Of course, I lay there going "fall asleep, fall asleep" instead of getting up to write them down. I’m having a hard time sleeping, and E’s even up too, so I’m up writing a few of them down.

First category is household stuff - I found this cute framed heart picture when we were out this weekend, and my mom snuck it and bought it for my bday smile So I was laying in bed envisioning where to put it. I’m thinking the hallway outside of my bathroom (at the top of the stairs) might need a skinny shelf (the skinniest one here maybe) to hold my romance novels and stuff I don’t want to be displaying on the real shelves downstairs. Maybe with a plant stand next to it? I’d love some plants, but many spots in my house don’t get any sunlight, including that one.

I also have a brainstorm including the large wall on my stairs. I’d like to get a bunch (say 10-15) of similar sized picture frames and make a pattern of them on the wall. We have almost no pictures in the house, and this would be a perfect showcase of our cute family pictures. So now I just need to find some pictures and then find a good place to get frames for not too spendy.

When I was reading an article about mosiac tables the other day, I had a brainstorm about taking a piece of our matching china (maybe from the outlet store - just something cheap) and tiling it on a table with some accents of other complimentary tiles. Then last night, I was thinking it might be cool to make a wall hanging, and maybe I could even do it with scans of the pattern and heavy paper. Maybe in a long frame. Hmmm...

I need to get some ideas together for my mom for my bday. I need to go downstairs and see what Mandie book I’m on... I got the first as a present to read when we went to England when I was 8. I think I read it all the way through 4 or 5 times when we were gone! The author has kept writing them over the years, and I’d really like to have the whole set to read to my kids. I haven’t read the last few that I have, but I know there are more that I’d like. So its a good gift idea from my mom because she liked the series and read it to the little kids too.

Of course, graphic :sets: ideas always go hand in hand with not sleeping. I’m working on a silver framed set right now that would be a pretty shareware set. I have a few others that I haven’t wanted to just release for just free because they would be nicer with a customized title and stuff. And then I started thinking how it would be cool to offer a special deal for a month of cheap!cheap! title customization. Look into this more.

E’s working on a database for work, and I created the css file in my head to make it pretty. Of course, if he doesn’t like it, it looks good in my head that I can use it for something ;) Since I’m working on a big css project that I really want to unveil soon, my thoughts surround around beating myself up for not having it done sooner.

I thought of several articles that I’d like to write for Graphic Goo - surrounding around a weblog theme... and then when I woke up now, I had an email from the creator wanting me to write about something css-y!! How funny!

Before I went to bed, I wrote everyone who was in the queue of the Anniversary Ring, so now I have emails with people who need URLs changed... luckily, this shouldn’t be too big of a deal. I was realizing last night - I have three active webrings now! Am I a glutton for punishment? Yes!!

Oh, and I’m excited to see that things are looking so normal around my daily reads - skins getting re-added amongst the moving girls smile Exciting stuff smile

See, I told you. Brilliant thoughts abound at 2am :giggle:


I loved Mandie books when I was a kid!

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