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digicam - kodak dx3600

I think that this is my favorite of the cams I’ve looked at so far. Sharp. Very sleek. And I really like the idea of the dock to recharge and easily transfer. Cool. KODAK: DX3600 Zoom Digital Camera



My mom’s friend complained about having to deal with the dock, and I have to say I agreed. I like the fact that I have a teeny tiny card reader that I can just plug in to a port & go - on any PC. Also, the cards for the Kodak are propriatary and she felt they were much more expensive.

I love my Olympus, and until I have $900 for the Nikon Coolpix of my dreams, my Olympus suits me just fine. I had pictures printed by Ofoto this past summer and they looked as good as any from regular 35mm film. (could not tell *any* difference) I have also printed some myself and they looked good too.

Have you seen the camera in person though? That same camera was a major consideration for me when we were deciding on a new camera, I liked all the features and it looked cool. But then I went to Circuit City to see it in person, and I didn’t like it. It feels very plastic-y and light. Another thing I didn’t like, was the comic sans-like font used in the display. Picky, I know! If you have seen it in person, and you still like it, then go for it! Just thought I’d put in my 2! : )

I can personally vouch for the Canon S110 Digital Elph. It has all the Kodak does, and it’s much smaller and sturdier. No dock though, but the usb cable is so easy, it takes all of 5 seconds to plug in. It comes with a rechargable battery pack, and a cool little plug in charger. It’s smaller than the camera! I don’t know if the special is still going on, but when we got ours in Dec, it came with a mail in coupon to get a free extra battery and memory card. I love having two batteries, I never get stuck without power anymore!

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