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michigan lover

The other day, I found Confessions of December. I don’t remember where I found a link to her, but she has Dawn and Catherine on her sidebar, so it could be through either of them.

I drug her link onto my desktop, as I have a tendancy to do when I don’t have time to open up my reads.html file and add the link as a new:love. So this morning, I was cleaning up the desktop and clicked on the link to see what I had saved.

Up popped a journal with a very familiar lighthouse picture in the sidebar! To my excitement, Deb had mentioned Grand Haven in her April 1 post. Yep, I’ve been out to that lighthouse many times in my childhood! Grand Haven was one of our favorite summer-time destinations. The trip always started with playing on the beach, and ended with a strawberry malt from the little ice cream place while watching the musical fountains. My dad says that he remembers sharing his strawberry malt with me way before I was really eating solid food smile As I got older, they redid a bunch of the beautiful walking areas and grassy hills to watch the musical fountains on. I remember being so excited to roll down the hill!

Its been a long time since I was there - we moved to Washington when I was 10 - but what happy memories I have of the area.

Thanks to Deb for giving me a picture to remember this morning smile I look forward to coming back here smile