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eat and shop

Like I said yesterday, Megan came home for the weekend. So her and Lisa (who was home from school today because she was sick - please be sending up happy thoughts that I don’t get strep throat - it wasn’t QUITE 24 hours since she took the antiboatics!) and Matthew and me went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Then we headed off to the mall for a little impromptu shopping trip. I’m so much larger than normal that I’m not finding anything to wear, so I’m not going to church with them tomorrow. Oh well. But it was fun to look, and each of them found some things to buy, so that was nice smile I made it home by 3:30ish... just in time to meet the UPS guy with E’s Sony Clie!!! Isn’t *that* exciting! smile I watched Trading Spaces (hey, Ryan, it had both Amy Wyn AND Laurie on it ;) ) and E came home and we had dinner.

What a long week it has been. I’m just totally all worn out! From the sad news yesterday, to a lot of hard work all week, and then not napping today - man, I’m glad tomorrow is saturday!

Tomorrow, we are going to either go to my family’s house for lunch or meet them out somewhere. Lisa has a choir concert at 4 something, and then the girls are playing basketball (Alumni vs. current students, so its Megan vs. Lisa!!!) after that. I really don’t normally go to the Alumni stuff because there are enough people that I try to avoid talking to.... but I’ll make an exception this time. Between that, a lot of rest. My projects are on hold until I get a bit more rest in me, even though I’d like to cut up some graphics sets. Its okay, I don’t HAVE to do them smile Rest, rest smile

So yeah, that’s meeeee.... how you doin'? ;) (in my best joey tribiani voice!)

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