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up and down...

Yes, my site was down for most of the nighttime hours. When I got up at 2something, it was down then and had been since 11. Looks like according to the forums it came back up at 5ish. Phew, at least only a few hours of that time I was actually trying to do things.

But yes, I *am* moving away from Aletia. Very soon. I’ll let ya know before I disappear with DNS switches, though smile

I just had a horrendous dream. It started out all happy and wonderful, and then it got towards to the end and there was a terrorist type person who had evil plans and I remembered that at the beginning of the dream, I thought that it couldn’t be this happy. I woke up terrified. Ugh. These vivid dreams that go on for hours are so much work that I don’t feel rested.


REM sleep (dreaming sleep) is the state of sleep you need to get to to have restfull sleep. But, if your spending too much time in REM sleep and not in the 4 other stages can be bad. Here’s a good article

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