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trading spaces background

I totally want to make a graphics set with the background being the red and white wall from the Trading Spaces - Hollywood episode! (click on switch to see it!!!)


Background set=good.

Wall=bad. Very, very bad. wink

i totally loved that episode!! the teams in that episode were so funny and so much fun to watch. i absolutely loved that wall. don’t know if i personally could live with it because i am not a big fan of red, but i still loved it which really tells me something. i think you should definately make a graphics set with that background! you go girl!!

i agree, that episode was great. the couples were the biggest characters around. the wall was a bit much but it totally fit the couples personality.

That guy in that episode (the funny goofy guy) is the Digorno Pizza guy. There was a commercial where the guy is trying to apply for the Digornio Pizza Delivery position.......

BTW, I make no claims about being able to spell Digornio.

Ok am I missing a show?? I do love that room though reminds of them really cool target commercials smile Kristine if you ever run out of ideas for skins I would love to suggest (ok Hint!!) one with jennifer garner from Alias I found all these really neat pics and have been trying to do it myself but I am so lost when it comes to CSS sad

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