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Boxes and Arrows: Taking the "you" out of user: My experience using personas - by Meg Hourihan.

Cooper’s personas are simply pretend users of the system you’re building. You describe them, in a surprising amount of detail, and then design your system for them. Each cast of personas has at least one primary persona, the person who must be satisfied with the system you deliver.
Very interesting article. I know that my web design is no where the size of what Meg is refering to, but it never is a bad idea to put yourself in the customers/users shoes. I should really poll some people that have used my sets and see how the process went, if there was anything I *should* have mentioned, anything that was too confusing. I really like giving more info instead of less, but does that make it more confusing? Maybe I’ll present this on the pixelitas boards and see if we can help each other learn more about this.

When I think about it, I’m mainly focusing my designs on two sets of people. 1- people who have never set up a journal before and want to start fresh with an easy to set up design. 2- people who already have a journal and just want to add a design. I think I cater better to #1, simply because I recommend setting up classes for the bloghead, blogbody, blogfoot, etc. to control the look of the sets - if you already have had a set up, you may not want to change your classes every time you change sets. BUT, the nice thing about my sets is that I’m consistant between my designs, so it is way easy to change between my sets (specifically in GM and MT. Blogger is easy all the way around). Anyhow, gives me something to think about. (Instead of work. Oops!)

found via Shirley at Brainstorms and Raves.

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