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sore jaw

My right side of my jaw hurts. Its a similar feeling to TMJ, but only on one side. Which sucks because yawning hurts, and so does chewing, for the last 3 or 4 days. My lymph nodes on that side seem to be more tender, too, so it must all be connected.

So I probably need to spend today at home like normal, but dad needs me to come in. I’m not sure, can I really do 5 days in a row? I feel so weak.

I’ve surfed the blogs and now I think I’ll try to go take a nap for another few hours. Maybe I’ll feel better by the time 6 rolls around to get in a nice hot shower.


Oh sweetie.. I KNOW that pain and I sympathize with you. If it gets bad, take some ibuprofen, if you can and use a hot water bottle on the side that hurts. I’ve had TMJ for a year now and just recently REALLY bad, so I know. Hang in there. I hope your feeling better. *hugs*

Can you maybe take your MHD tomorrow? Or Friday? I’m sorry you have to go to work on a day when you hurt so much. : (

Do you grind your teeth? I do and it makes my jaw sore sometimes. I got a cheapo mouth guard at the pharmacy, but I forget it most of the time.

I hope you feel better.

Hey hon - I have TMJ, but only in one side, and it can make my lymph nodes act up...try some moist heat on it (hot facecloth) or failing that, take some pain drugs.

I found this page from a search containing the words "sore jaw". I’ve had a sore jaw, on the right side for several days now combined with mild cold symptoms, mild nausea and mild weakness. Are there any other things it could be besides TMJ? I’ve never eve had TMJ. I did once have a boyfriend who had it and it was just incredible how his teeth grinded away when he was sleeping, it was so loud I could hear it in the next room. But I’m a light sleeper. I think if I had that it would surely wake me up, I’d know somehow!

Hi..thinking I have TMJ.......do you know any good sites to look this up at?...Also.....to anyone out there..my pain is mainly on left side....seems worse later in the evening? and is there nothing the doc can do but give pain medicine?....any info would be great.....thanks.

I too have a very sore right jaw. It’s been sore for the last three+ weeks now. I had become so weak and shaky I thought I had a flu. The worst part is that you don’t look so bad on the outside, so people don’t realze how bad you really feel.
I have been on Amoxacillan the last nine days, my Dr. thought (over the phone) I might have an ear infection. (not!) Anyways, I go in to my Dentist tomorrow to get X-rays and an inside look at what really is going on. My dad says it sounds like TMJ, and I too used to grind my teeth in my sleep, but I don’t think I grind my teeth anymore; nor do I believe that I have TMJ.
My lymph-nodes are swollen also, but my wisdom teeth were pulled many years ago, so I shouldn’t have a tooth issue. Well, X-rays tomorrow, we’ll see then. I’ll check back in afterwards. Oh those sore mornings! sad

Got up this morning, feeling really sore. My jaw on the right side painful. My lymph nodes all swollen on that side too. First I thought that it was teeth problem - exposed nerve or something. I had to decide during my lunch break today, whether to go to a GP or the dentist. GP, I decided. Told him the story, looked into my mouth, you have great choppers he said, this is not tooth decay. How old are you? 40 next month, I replied. He shuckled, Oh I remember when I was turing 4o he amused, and added, 'That’s when life begins'. Do you grind you teeth? Yes was my answer - apparently. He held the side of my jaw and asked me to slowly open my mouth. There he said, did you hear that, your jaws are slighly diconnected - you have TMD. I what?
A prescription of Voltaren Rapid 3 times a day.
Sorry guys can’t work today, have to keep my mouth shut, as for the pain, just no relief. My good old friend Dave at the Health shop has given me a Magnesium supplement called Ultra Muscleze used for muscle spasms - my case a possiblity of lack of Mag... Not surprised, being on these calcium supps due to lack of it, was'nt informed that extra calcium intake uses up your MAG... So therefore I have to increase my MAG intake. What a vicious circle. My collegue in the office said well that’s life. - Sorry have to love and leave you and nurse these waves of pain. Lucky, my staffie, is right at my side keeping me company at home. Cheers mate!

I have had pain on my left jaw for about 3 days. It is not terrible or anything, just enough to be noticed. When the pain started I was unable to chew and it has gotten better since, but still hurts. I had a wisdom tooth cavity filled on that side about two weeks ago, and I wondered if someone can tell me it they have ever had this happen from dental work. Or if it could be something else. Thanks for any help!

hi i am 13, my jaw has been sore for 3 days now. It feels slightly swollen but not much. I have a huge pimple right bellow my ear. can this be triguring it or is it somthing seroiuse.I can chew, yawn, and stuff but its really sore! Can anyone help if so e-mail me back at CutiePu2ATee14@aol.com

thanks always elisha

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