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Christine Rocks! I was so excited that she posted a link to Adam’s tutorial on showing multiple categories with your posts, and she emailed me back with the code she ended up using. So, courtesy of my sweet Miss Ch, I’ve now got multiple categories showing up when I assign them on my posts! Cuz what good are multiple categories if you can’t see them?! :giggle:

Edited to add: are you using MT2 and not sure how to assign another category to your post? After posting an entry via a bookmarklet, click Edit this post, and it will bring you to your edit entry screen - there’s a little text link by the category that says "Assign multiple categories." Isn’t that easy? smile


Oh nifty! Mind sharing the code she used? I keep learning new things with MT2.0 geez, I can just imagine the MT that could be commercial. I would make the world buy it.

Well, to answer your question, it appears that Christine used the last example given in my blog entry. I have also re-written the "tutorial" (which started out as a bit of documentation on the evolution of the code snippet), and eliminated the code that was superflous and confusing. The new version is located here: http://www.gessaman.com/history/000336/

Hope this helps.

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