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geocaching and girlie

ya know, I’m so tempted to learn more about geocaching just so I can read Brenna’s blog. Between her and Girlie, the three of us seem to frequent the MT forums* more than anyone trying to help out the restless natives smile So the more I get to know these girls, the more I like them smile Maybe I’ll have to start working on Brenna to start a regular personal blog smile

*I love it. Its really so cool to learn more about MT and be able to help others so they can learn more, too. Guess what I’ve been doing a lot this week with the release of 2.0?!!


I know! You and girlie and me rock the party! I did do a real blog back in the blogger days, and then greymatter. I don’t really know why I stopped. smile I like playing with the templates and stuff so I started my geo blog so I would have something to play with. I think it’s just that, well, the most interesting things to talk about are the things I don’t want some people to see.. like the the folks I work with. I have been thinking about setting something up in a different location or something... you’ll be the first to know if I do! I like talkin' smack on my nascar blog, though...... lol! I was feeling guilty about reading everybody else’s personal stuff so I updated my about page! How’s that? ;)

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