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frickin carpet

Instead of swearing, I’d really rather cry about this. It wasn’t a very nice post, so I’m moving it. I think I need some sleep. Maybe a nap instead of making lasagna is in order. sad

What a pain in my f-ing ass. There’s a leak in my bedroom, as I mentioned a few days ago, and we’ve had two people out here looking at it. Today, they still weren’t sure what was wrong with it, and said they were going to try something else. SOooo, I didn’t get a nap again because I waited for these morons to come over after I told the girl in the office that I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be awake to let them in.
SOOoooo, now she’s gone and f-ing schedule a carpet cleaning for tomorrow morning. That SO doesn’t work. And I told her that - I said it was my day off, and I usually sleep much of the morning, and she said she already scheduled it. ROAR! She can’t even tell me a time - just that the cleaners are coming to another house at 8:30 and I’ll be sometime after that. SO that means on my day off, I have to f-ing wake up and shower and wait for them to come and clean my carpet and not rest. I feel like f-ing swearing, and did rather loudly as I hung up the phone. GRRRRRRRR!


ugh! girl, i feel your pain! why do our days off seldom feel like that? it is so hard to keep a day to ourself sacred. grrr is right!

Grrrrr... I’m really sorr you’re having to deal with this. It really sucks when you are paying for it vs. the landlord though, we’re finding out the hard way. I hope you get to sleep in!

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