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Gap ads

I got an email this morning reminding me that its Spring at the Gap page, and it had an adorable pic of Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley (I think this link will get you there - Gap Spring). Aren’t they cute together? I saw a part of an episode of Jennifer’s new show Alias and was really impressed. She was on Felcity back when I actually watched it, and although I didn’t like her chacter, I thought she was very pretty.

I really like the V-neck sweater that Julia Ormond is wearing in these ads. I wish I was a bit skinnier, and I’d get one. Maybe in black or carmel heather. smile She’s very pretty, too. I have similar coloring to her - with the pale skin, dark hair, and she’s English smile The only thing I’ve seen her on is Sabrina, which I loved.

Hey, ya think a pair of $48 overalls would look better than my target pair? smile yeah, I didn’t think so ;)


"Alias" rocks. We LOVE that show. We can’t miss it on Sunday nights. Jennifer Garner has some serious girl power, eh? I think that’s mainly why I love the show (it’s also why I liked the movie "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider"). Anyway, we are such "Alias" freaks ... that show is just amazing. Oh, and I loved "Sabrina," too.

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