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words funny

My words are coming out of my mouth funnily today. I can type just fine (although sometimes I get my letters backwards - ask Rina about this, several months ago, I was having issues with having words form with my fingers!), but every time I start talking, things are getting screwed up. Like I just tried to say Backcinch Girth Strap, which is a bgsbk (bk for black), and it came out birthcinch, and I tried to tell Leonard that it was a bcs, even though I could see in my head that I meant bgs. And earlier, I was trying to tell dad something, and got confused about what sales run week we were on, even though its right in front of my face and I had said the right thing at the beginning of the conversation.

Its frustrating, because I can hear myself doing it, and I really know what I’m talking about. I’m pretty darn sure that this is what they mean by a brain haze/fuzz in the cfs diagnosis!

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