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keyboard optional?

Do we really need keyboards?

Do we really need keyboards? For some applications, of course, they’re absolutely critical. But other times, I ask myself how much a keyboard really adds to what I am doing. What if I could just carry around a screen--and use a finger or a stylus as the input device?
Microsoft seems to be thinking along the same lines. The company is one of the world’s biggest keyboard manufacturers. But in its push to make its technology truly ubiquitous, Microsoft has apparently decided that keyboards sometimes get in the way of progress
I think I’d always want a keyboard, because I probably can type faster than I could use any kind of graffiti system. Speech recognition might get better, but then would I really want to sit here saying this entry outloud while I’m waiting for my backup of Peachtree to finish? So I think for me, a keyboard is best. What do you think?


Microsoft often makes statements only to further their own interests. I don’t see the keyboard going away for a very long time. Speech rec has way too far to go.


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