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money stuff

Its sure frustrating to be working my hardest and being available at all hours even when I’m at home resting... and then have my hours questioned...

I’ve been a salary employee almost my whole full time here... at my request. I think I’d rather have a lower base rate and just know that I was getting paid salary so that I don’t feel animousity towards people for interupting me on my personal time.

Then in November, mom got fed up with dad continuing to pay me my full rate even when I was only working 4 days. I was getting almost as much done during the 4 days as I could have been during 5 because I was more rested and could spend my time being a hard worker instead of feeling so exhausted. But fine, that was okay because I would have rather gotten a day off than the money.

So then in February, my mom only paid me for 2 day weeks. Which would have been fine except I spent an extra day and a half on tax related details the second week of the month, and then an extra day and a half on the weekend getting computers reformatted during the third week of the month.

And now, for March, she has time cards on my desk. I really hate time cards, and feeling like I need to record every second of my time.

more later...


oh dear. that doesn’t sound so good. stick up for yourself kristine!

Funny how concerned your mom is about properly accounting for your hours when they don’t actually wind up PAYING you with any regularity. So she’s just concerned about making sure they don’t OWE you any more than she thinks they should? Sheesh.

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