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Simply Transparent

Another thing to check out this afternoon - Megan Morrone (oops, I spelled it wrong the first time, must to poor Todd’s dismay! ;) ) has it listed for today : Free Download: Simply Transparent Her con about it was:

If you don’t like extra icons in your system tray, this may not be the program for you. Simply Transparent sits in your system tray. You can remove it by right-clicking and choosing Exit, but when you do, all the features you’ve changed will revert to their original state.
I think that the tool I’m using at home might help that out, but I can’t remember what it is - I’ll have to check it out smile

Update: The tool that I’m using at home is Effective Desktop, which lets you select which icons in your systray you want to see, and can see them all with the click of a button. Neato spedito!


Psssst...it’s Marrone. Todd cringed in horror. wink

D'oh—even I got it wrong—he won’t speak to either of us! How about Morrone? LOL!

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