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quiet weekend

Its been a quiet weekend in Kristine-world. Not only has Rina been gone for the weekend, but Christine and Meryl are at sxsw, and so my amount of normal weekend reading went WAY down!

of course, I ’ve gotten to help solve mysteries with Brenna and Girlie, and would could be more fun than that?! ;) I really do love trying to figure out the answers, but they usually beat me to them. Well, them and Ben. Ben is the ultimate god at the MT boards, there’s no doubt about that smile We are just the little minions who try to help out LOL!

Besides that, I’ve played some atomica, and posted a bit on other boards, and downloaded the aforementioned fonts (a whole lot of them are still on my desktop because they are so perfect I have to use them for something.)

Right now, my head is so fuzzy - I’ve been so dizzy all morning. Ack!

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