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m-and-m vote

I just had lots of fun playing with the flash M&M color mixer (anybody surprised that the color mixes made me want to design LOL!)

I signed up a few months ago to be let know when the color voting was open for the next new color. I didn’t ever get anything, but saw a link on Kimberlie’s page!

So I’ve gone and voted. Purple of course! That would just make me happy to open up a normal bag of M&Ms and find purple ones intermixed with the other regular colors.

Which do *you* think should join the packageconfused smile


I voted for the teal ones!!!

i’m all about purple m&m’s too. i should get over there and vote... i never got any notice that the voting had opened up either. hmm...

I voted for the teal one too...but i didnt get an email form them either for it!!!!

We voted purple too! That’s what Julia wanted, so that’s what she got smile

I’m back up and running.. all my chmod settings were messed up!!

Thanks for all the concern, your a doll =)

Voted for purple too! My favourite colour. smile

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