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I’m home this afternoon, and got in an hour nap this afternoon before Megan called and chatted with me for a while.
I’m on the rampage because Aletia STILL hasn’t fixed
their problem, and its really bothersome to me. I am up, but tons of my friends aren’t, and it really worries me about what will happen next.

Needless to say, I’m backing up my site from my control panel, and doing some research. I’ve got a 1GB transfer/500MB/unlimited POP3 email/3 multi-hosted domains/php/perl... for not very much a month. Anybody got a similar hosting package that I should look at?

Now I’m back to working on my to do list, and hopefully get a few things done before my whole afternoon is gone from silly things!


I’ve been doing research too. Have a look at http://www.affordablehost.com. They have a good reputation.

hey chickie!

i host with cornerhost, and i’m very pleased with the pricing and features. if this doesn’t fit your needs, check out hostindex.com for a huge database of hosting companies and their reviews. good luck in your search... i know how much hassle and work it is to move everything to a new host and server!


I use Verve Hosting, which was recommended to me by Carol (puresugar.net). Their tech support is excellent and I have nothing but great things to say about their hosting. I’ve recommended them to a number of people since I signed up (more than a year ago) and they’re all pleased, too (including people that use much more advanced coding than I do).

They’re at http://www.vervehosting.com/

I swear by 34sp.com, and I know quite a few others who use them too. They’re in the UK, so you’d have to look on their site to see what the hosting prices are and convert to USD, but I do remember them being pretty cheap, plus their customer service is the bomb!

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