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MT Aletia perl errors

Looks like a bunch of people are having errors this morning - I found it first in a late email from Kate, who I just set up last night on MT. Then, support threads on the MT boards were started. Now I see a post on Aletia about it, although it doesn’t appear to be a just-Aletia error. I’m on Aletia’s scorpion server, maybe that’s why I wasn’t /haven’t been yet effected. (since people jumped off scorpion like a sinking ship not to long ago! and my friends affected are all newer than that incident - Aletia probably didn’t put anybody new on scorpion.)

It looks like a bunch of my friends can’t post, so if you are missing Rina and Kate, Gina, and Dawn this morning, that’s why. (edited to add that Jennifer is down, too.)


Thanks Kristine.. I’m glo on the boards btw. I sent in a ticket.. no word yet sad

Kristine.. how do you go about changing servers? I have two sites w/Aletia and the one is so much better than the other. Is this a common request that we as members can make? Any idea?

I know that when some of us were having issues with Scorpion (like in November maybe?), they said that all we needed to do was to open a support ticket and ask to be changed - I’d guess if you have a server that doesn’t have issues, you should specify that you’d like to change to that one!

Blech, I’m sorry this is so ewwie for everyone!!!

I’m down too.sad

sigh sad still not working. waiting for another ticket to be answered.. others whom have had the same problem have theirs working, so I don’t understand why I would have to "fix" anything.. waiting waiting...

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