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headache and atomica

long journal entry to follow!

I’ve had a one-side-of-my-head headache going on for most of the afternoon. Not bad enough to be considered a migraine, but if I do anything bad, I just might trigger one. My body aches, but particularlly my left side - my ankle and calf and knee has hurt pretty bad all day (maybe its the cold, maybe its the fact that I climbed the stairs a few extra times this morning).

I worked really hard today. I probably worked too hard. I think that part of my exhaustion from working comes from the social interactions, too. People demanding my attention for so long makes me need to recover. I was telling Meryl the other day that the main difference between introverts and extroverts is that while E’s get their energy from being around people, I’s need personal time to energize after being with people. I’m ready for the personal time now.

So since the work day is officially over, I played atomica for a little while. Best score yet - 52820 smile E had to go to work early this morning, and so I was hoping he would get off early, but no such luck. So I’m here for at least another 30 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes. (update - I am a super genius, according to Atomica - my 2nd game got me 61260, a new personal record!!!)

Hopefully on our way home, we can stop and get some milk and maybe a few other things. We definitely need milk, but we don’t need enough other things to justify a safeway.com order. I want to make stuffed shells, and when I ordered large shells, I got macaroni sized ones instead of JUMBO ones. I guess they are large compared to the baby salad ones. Oops. So I’ll try again tonight, and make some stuffed shells smile

I went and packed up my brother-in-law’s bday present while no one was here to make fun of me for having gecko wrapping paper :giggle: I got it for Matthew’s bday when he was probably 10, and LOVED geckos. Of course, I bought a big package of it, and so I still have tons left smile So Craig got it, even though he’s (i think) turning 24 smile I wonder when his girlfriend Dahlia’s birthday is.... they have been serious for almost as long as E and I knew each other before getting married, and seem really awesome together, and so I’m guessing that we have a chance to be sisters smile She seems like an awesome person that I’d like writing letters to and sending sweet things to.

Of course, I always have good intention of sending sweet things to people. Ask Rina how long it usually takes her to get presents from me. And Zalary’s gift has been sitting on my craft desk for months. And last trip to CA, I picked up postcards for Shannon, but have I mailed them? I’m so bad. I want to change that about myself.

I broke down and ate some of my symphony bar today. E gave me a gianormous one for Christmas, and I’ve been carrying it around in my backpack since then. I was just so tempted, and couldn’t resist. Yum. I only ate like 3 of the rectangle pieces - less than a quarter of it. So its not all bad, right? I stopped keeping track of the foods I was eating a few weeks ago, because I was coming up with very similar numbers every day. There may have been a few days over the last few weeks that I slid and did bad eating, but mostly, I’ve been good smile That’s to be proud of, right? Today was a slidy day because I had a crispy strips meal from KFC with mashed potatoes and cole slaw and a biscuit. Yum. Tomorrow, I’ll eat lunch at home. And every other day this week. So I should get some more yogurt and some more fruit. That would be good.

And now, to finish some more atomica before my face falls asleep more from this headache. Darn head, some days I would just like to chop it off!
Oh, and I must do some surfing because I haven’t had much time to read my favorite people cuz I worked hard!!! smile


Symphony bars....love 'em, love'em, love 'em!

Ordering groceries online...although I have been tempted, due to laziness, I have never done so. The reason is that I have seen the Peapod shoppers at the local Stop & Shop...most of them appear to be about 15 years old, and don’t have a clue about how to select groceries...I see them just pick up any old thing, and just slam it into the cart. Therefore, I’m not surprised that you would have gotten the wrong size shells!

I hope you’re feeling better soon! smile

Tee hee - I actually ordered them wrong, thinking that large shells was what I wanted, when I really should have been looking for JUMBO shells. The Safeway people are really courteous (at least the delivery guy, the packages have been bagged really nicely, and they’ve picked out really nice produce for me smile So I’m really impressed smile

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